Hearing Aids: hear this before you decide...

Every cloud has a silver lining

As someone who wears hearing aids ...
and who knows a bit about the private hearing aid industry from the inside – I have published the following with a full understanding of the issues you face right now, if you suffer a hearing loss.

They probably include:

*  You cannot hear as well as you did a few short years ago.

* You might
need hearing aids - some day - but when do you take that step?

* And where DO you go
for the best advice?

Don't worry. Go about it with your eyes open and the future - and your hearing - should be bright.
Hearing loss affects couples not just singles

Let's get one thing straight from the start
I am not a qualified hearing aid audiologist, so I will not be dispensing medical advice or diagnosis on hearing health.

But I do have a clear idea of how the whole business of getting the right advice – professional advice - works.  And, If you do need hearing aids, how to simplify your options.

Widex choice of hearing aids

I will also share some of the experiences I went through before and after I was fitted with hearing aids.

For these reasons I think that, in some ways, it makes me more quaified to talk about the subject in an impartial way.

You could say that these guidelines represent aids to hearing, before you decide whether or not you do need hearing aids!
                                                                                - John Morey, Editor

Advice on hearing loss

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