Hearing Loss: your free hearing assessment

The Hearing Test

So here you are, booked in for your first hearing assessment.

You have read a little on the subject. You have decided you want to know - once and for all - if you DO have a treatable hearing loss. And if so, do you need to do anything about it?

Quick Tip: The full hearing consultation takes around an hour. But there is the short version – a quick screening to see if you have something as common as a build up of wax.

It takes about 5 minutes. If you do have wax build up that can easily be treated, and it may be that you do still have a hearing loss treatable by other means like hearing aids.

Again, your local private Hearing Aid Audiologist will be happy to check this free of charge, or consult your GP.

Free hearing tests can be arranged here.

Earol for wax removal

Contact Us if you have a wax build up. Shop here for Earol - a simple, inexpensive way to treat hearing loss through too much wax.

Follow this link for more on what to expect in your first hearing assessment (hearing test).