Keeping your hearing aids in peak performance...

Aids To Hearing is part of Collectability - whose aims are to improve the health and lifestyle of the more mature, with a collection of services on health, hobbies and leisure pursuits.

Hearing aids - and addressing the needs of the hard of hearing - are an essential part of this mission, fulfilled by the provision of batteries, maintenance, hygeine and noise control systems. These can easily be found under the following headings:

Healthy Ears - whether or not you wear hearing aids keeping ears in tip top condition should be on everyone's daily routine

Hygeine -
cleanliness is next to...good practice when it comes to keeping your hearing aids "healthy"

- routinely looking after your hearing aids need not be a chore, but regular care ensures that they function at peak performance

Noise Control
- controlling the amount of noise to reach our eardrums can be essential if you are exposed to damaging high levels at work or at play. Consider some of these solutions...which include hearing protection systems from Etymotic Research for ear protection in the workplace, special electronic earplugs for shooting enthusiasts and professionals, as well as ways to reduce hearing damage for musicians.

Wax Removal - cerumen has its role in protecting delicate parts of the ear - although many of us generate too much. These products help to restore the balance. And if you swim regularly, try Earol Swim before going into the water, reducing the risk of Swimmer's Ear.

Further help - whilst we do not profess to be qualified to administer medical advice on any of the above, we can put you in touch with registered professionals who can.

If you would like to receive free advice on these subjects, for example, more information on a persistent wax build up, just complete the Contact Us form and leave an appropriate message so that we can arrange for a hearing professional to get in touch.

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