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The hearing information pack
available via Contact Us

The consumer guide covers everything about hearing loss and hearing aids. It is readable without getting into too much technical detail. It prepares for for your next decision which, based on all perceived wisdom, should be to sit yourself before a hearing aid professional.
But that choice is yours.
(Different companies supply different guides, although they all tend to cover the same subjects. The latest edition of the type opposite will be supplied.)

hearing aid consumer guide

The free replica hearing aid
The replica is not a working model, so why do some companies include it in their information?

Hearing aids today deliver powerful performance but, like all modern digital equipment, come in small packages. A non-working replica does nothing more than just to show how small actual working models are. Personally I would simply call into your local branch, or request a home appointment and ask to see the real thing!

They do however serve to dispel fears that some may have that they are very noticeable when worn. They need not be.

hearing aid replica - passion by widex

Qualified hearing health expertise
- locally - where and when you need it - Contact Us

The other important ingredient is locating your nearest registered professional from the private sector, if you decide to go down that route.

Remember that advice, assessments and demonstrations are free – at local hearing centres or even if they have to make an appointment for an initial Home Visit. There are no call out charges.

The hearing information pack will provide contact numbers for local services. And do not be surprised if you receive a call and personal invitation from your local hearing centre to special events such as open days, demonstrations or even coffee mornings just to chat things through.

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