Hearing Improvement: take your first steps

This simple advice will help...

Do some background reading
...if you can - just simple guides will help.

It might just prompt some important questions if you do decide on a professional consultation.
But don't get too hung up on the technical hearing aid stuff. There's so much it can confuse.

Leave that to the professional on the day
. More on this...

Steps to hearing improvement
2. Don't pay for advice or hearing tests
Even private hearing aid companies supply these free – with no call-out charge even if they come out to your home.
More on this...

3. Talk to a qualified hearing specialist
If you suspect your hearing is gradually deteriorating, see a qualified professional like your GP, or a hearing aid audiologist privately. More on this...

(If hearing loss is quite sudden, I would advise consulting your GP immediately.)
4. Have someone with you at your hearing test
If you do get to the stage of seriously considering hearing aids, take your spouse or partner with you for the hearing assessment. Failing that a close friend or relative.

Why is this important? See here...

Whichever course of action you decide on in the end, take advantage of the full range of services here...